“Your Money or Your Life”-Vicki Robin

Kofi Gyebi
Founder, 400LB Elephant

“Your Money Your Life”

I started reading Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin at the tail end of 2019. It’s a personal finance classic, and I now understand why. My synopsis explores time, energy, and how we align our spending with our personal values. Throughout the book, the reader is reminded that our money and how we spend it is directly correlated to our values and our life energy. “Our life energy is our allotment of time here on earth, the hours of precious life available to us.” -Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

Three questions before your next purchase

3 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

  1. Did I receive fulfillment, satisfaction and value in proportion to life energy spent?
  2. Is the expenditure of life energy in alignment with my values and life purpose?
  3. How might this expenditure change if I didn’t have to work for a living?

Does your spending align with your values?

I love these three questions because they’re not new, just a different way of asking the same question. Does how you spend your money align with your values? When you factor in life energy, it makes you think deeply about every dollar you earn, the energy it took to earn that dollar and if your purchase is worth the time it took to spend that dollar. 

“Frugality is the right-use (which sounds, appropriately, like “righteous– the wise stewarding of money, time, energy, space, and possessions.”- Vicki Robins

Frugal not cheap

Vicki’s quote about frugality is something I live by. Being frugal does not mean being cheap, it simply means wise stewardship of how you spend your time and money. For those of us with financial goals, being a good steward of our money is not easy socially. Other people’s opinions of you won’t matter if you grow and prosper financially. Being frugal is how I personally maintain a debt-free life. 

 We all seek to achieve financial independence which is defined as “having an income sufficient for your basic needs and comforts from a source other than paid employment”. We’re all headed towards retirement one way or another. Having financial independence is empowering and gives you options to focus on the things you’re passionate about. 

Thank you

In conclusion I am thankful Vicki Robin and Joe Dominquez wrote this classic book because we all need an introspective look at how we spend our time and whether or not our time is spent in alignment with our values. Money matters but it’s not the only thing that matters. I wish you financial independence, freedom of choice and abundant giving.

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