Winning To Wealth: How Kofi Paid Off His Student Loan In One Year

According to a recent study, almost 50 million Americans have a combined total of $1.47 trillion of student loan debt.

Even worse, almost 11% of Americans default on their student loans within 3 years.

This is a problem, so today I brought Kofi Gyebi of 400 LB Elephant on the podcast to talk about how he was able to pay off his entire student loan balance in just 1 year.

Listen To The Episode

Key Moments To Listen For

Childhood & Money [1:22]

What Kofi Would Have Done Differently [5:25]

Deciding To Pay Off Student Loans In A Year [9:51]

New Habits Needed To Pay Off Student Loans [12:33]

Toughest Parts of Paying Off Student Loans [18:59]

Dealing With Anxiety Around Money [22:54]

Building Wealth After Paying Off Student Loans [28:39]

Were The Sacrifices Worth It? [38:12]

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