Why You Should Hire a Tax Professional

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant

Hey there! Here’ a few tips on Why You Should Hire a Tax Professional. It’s tax season and I know it’s tempting to hire your cousins, aunts, brothers, nephew but don’t do it. Please avoid the commercials we hear on the radio promising to get you a maximum refund on your taxes. God forbid, but if you get audited those people will be nowhere to be found. Trust me, I was that guy. You don’t want to be that guy or girl.

Go to a licensed tax professional. You’ll thank me later. It might cost a couple of extra dollars but it’s so worth it!!! Listen ya’ll, I was doing some spring cleaning and found a old H&R Block tax receipt. It cost me $38 to do my taxes. To me in my mind, that’s the McDonalds of taxes. For the past three years, a certified public accountant (CPA) do my tax returns.  While it now cost three times the amount, it is so worth it. You’ll cover a lot more ground with a licensed professional, get a better understanding of your tax situation, and you’ll have a tax person you can call up throughout the year (which I do).

Don’t make the mistake of going after a big return Work with a professional who can explain why a big return isn’t necessarily what you want. Now, granted I am not a tax professional I am only sharing my experiences. Mkay? Okay!

Schedule a consultation call to see if working with a CPA, enrolled agent (EA), or a licensed tax professional is for you. This consultation might cost and most likely it is free. See if this is a person that can educate you on taxes and your tax situation.

Make sure whoever you hire is an educator, and no I don’t mean a teacher. But you know a person that cares, listens, and explains without making you feel some kind of way for not knowing basic stuff. Taxes are a hell of complicated, so there should be absolutely not belittlement from a person you’re working with.


Why are you writing this well that’s a good question. I am writing this because I got hit with a tax penalty to the tune of over $7,000 When I called my now CPA, I couldn’t even tell her how bad my situation was. She found out on Instagram Live with the rest of the elephant tribe when I revealed how much I owed. I hid it from the world. I was ashamed, embarrassed, like bro how do you get in trouble as a financial coach??? Like anything, life is about how you respond, not about how you react. I paid it off in six months and will make sure not to make the same mistake without professional representation (CPA).

Moral of the story, avoid fast tax services. In closing while it might feel good to have a couple thousand dollars coming your way but you’ll have a lifetime of regrets if the IRS comes after you. They don’t play and they get their money.

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