Why We’re Hiring Interns

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant

 Why we’re hiring an intern.

What’s better than one intern? Two!  Someone commented on a recent post that it was a good Jay-Z reference. Check out

Hiring Interns

Hiring an intern- In college I struggled with internships. I went to school in a small town in Ohio. Bowling Green was a college town versus neighboring cities like Toledo, Cleveland, and Detroit that had major industries. Without a car or money for an apartment living in these cities was out of reach. As hard as it is already students have lost countless opportunities due to organizations cutting back because of coronavirus so we thought it’d be great to add some interns for the summer/fall. As hip as I think I am it’ll be really exciting to bring on some talented, smart, creative, and savvy people to help us in areas we need help. None of that paper pushing sitting around waiting for the day to be over bs.  In Howard Schultz’s (Former CEO & Chairman of Starbucks) book From the Ground Up: A Journey to Reimagine The Promise of America Schultz talks about ideas he had where the board challenged him yet he pushed through to implement them. The eye catcher was that he gave stock and healthcare benefits to part time employee’s before the company had a profit. It’s innovators like Schultz that inspire me to try things different to help our youth with paid opportunities. I think unpaid internships should be illegal. It’s my blog, my thoughts. People should be paid for their work. I look forward to introducing you to our interns in September.




Secure the Bag

4 Quick tips from a founder who is a hiring manager and looking for an intern:

  1. Ambition. Follow up, I’m always interested in folks who send follow up emails.
  2. Apply, yes applying will help you get the job. Too many times in college I was paralyzed by doubt. Don’t let doubt hold you back.
  3. Come prepared and let the hiring team know you put time and effort into the job by doing small things researching the company, finding solutions to problems they face, asking good questions, and coming prepared.
  4. Apply for jobs you like and want. You and your employer will quickly become dissatisfied once he/she learns you applied for the job just to have a job.

Good luck and cheers entering the 2020 fall semester! We hope you enjoyed why we’re hiring interns. Leave a comment

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