“The pursuit of achievement could be…so inspiring when you know what’s worthy of achieving”-Unknown

Head Coach of the Clemson Tigers football team noted “I really think it’s not fair to hold people accountable to something and not explain very specifically what it is they’re supposed to do” Getting to Us by Seth Davis

I believe where transparency & vulnerability meet is where connectivity starts; it’s how 400LB Elephant came about. The goal is to inspire a generation to be debt free. This quote to me defines the challenge understanding debt, it’s fine print and hidden fees. We’re expected to contribute to our 401K, save 7.1 percent of our income annually, max out our Roth IRA annually, buy a home by 30, donate to charity, all while paying off our debt. For some, add a car loan, student loans, credit cards, insurance, cell phone bill, and health care. It seems simple, right? This isn’t just an issue for young people, the same applies to working families, immigrants, and every generation. 9% of Americans who have credit cards don’t think they’ll ever be free of their credit card debt according to Nerd Wallet. I know a lot of people who feel this way, this won’t be a lasting mindset if 400LB Elephant has anything to say about it.

There are no guidelines on how to manage your finances. My mom told me to save money every pay period “even if it’s $50”.What if I told you sometimes I didn’t have $50 after paying all my bills? Financial literacy was not an interest or concern of mine until a couple of years ago. On my journey I’ve made a lot of mistakes and hopefully by sharing my story you can avoid all of the mistakes I made maybe not, I believe it’s worth a try. This blog is dedicated to helping people. The reality is once you get to 10-20K let alone 1 million followers, it’s hard to relate to people. Taking advice from millionaires is hard when you’re trying to make ends meet. Granted, I listen to some of the leading experts, it’s a bit more palatable when it comes from someone you can relate to. In coming posts I’ll share more about myself, where I’m from, and why Financial Independence is so important to me as we truck through the terrain of consumer debt. I don’t sell insurance, don’t sell stocks and annuities, if anything I sell the idea that you can be free of debt and when you’ve paid it all off, you’ll pay it forward.