Three Simple Ways to Save Money In The Current Economy

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant


As many Americans face uncertainty with job security or for those who are currently employed here are some tips to save you money. With folks driving less and staying at home here are some easy steps to keep more of your money.

Insurance companies like AllState are giving out discounts since drivers are teleworking and cutting down on driving. Simply call your insurance company and tell them your current driving situation and have some of your premium shaved off. Also check other lines of insurance, maybe shop your homeowners policy. We leave tons of money on the table every year but not shopping our insurance, now is the time.

Call your cell phone company as they tend to be open on Saturday and Sundays. Earlier today I called AT&T and got my bill reduced by $20 because I’m connected to WiFi all day. When I go on walks I leave my cell phone at home to disconnect. This is a good time to look cell phone providers that offer better data and cellular plans.

Evaluate credit cards and subscriptions with annual fee’s. I switched from Chase Sapphire Preserved to the Chase FreedomThe Freedom gives me the same perks except for international travel. I mostly travel to Ghana and use their cash currency and plus the points system works really well as I was able to keep all my points and portal. Saved $99 and now have a free card for years to come. Weigh in on credit cards with annual fee’s, is it worth it? Can you drop down to the lower tier free card and keep the same perks? No penalty or charge. Look at Pandora’s free music services or Youtube for music. There are options especially since we’re not driving and stuck in an office with other people.

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