March 2020 with Joney Talks

How to live a valuist lifestyle and how status is killing the American Dream with Kofi

  • We will dive deep into the topic of living a valuist lifestyle: What that means and why Kofi chose this lifestyle. Secondly, we will debunk the idea that because one has a high earning profession, one should automatically know about all things money. And last we will discuss why status will kill the American Dream, or in more general terms how the pursuit of status will impair your finances. Jonathan Show notes:

Winning to Wealth March 2020

How Kofi Paid Off His Student Loans in One Year

  • According to a recent study, almost 50 million Americans have a combined total of $1.47 trillion of student loan debt.
  • Even worse, almost 11% of Americans default on their student loans within 3 years.
  • This is a problem, so today I brought Kofi Gyebi of 400 LB Elephant on the podcast to talk about how he was able to pay off his entire student loan balance in just 1 year


Voyage Atl

Meet Kofi Gyebi of 400LB Elephant in Midtown

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kofi Gyebi.

  • Kofi, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
    I was born in Ghana and raised here in the states and attended college at Bowling Green State University. My family didn’t come here with much yet it’s strange to say I own a company that focused on personal finance and here I am the Founder of 400LB Elephant. When I got my first job at Yankee Autobath in Dayton, OH my mom always used to tell me to save at least $50
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