How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant

Save money grocery shopping using Kroger’s free pick up option

In this article, we’re going to share some ways to save money grocery shopping! Thank goodness for Kroger making their pick up option free.  Normally this service is $4.50 but due to COVID19, they’re making it free. Download the app, order, and pick your store. The problem is we’re vegetarians and it takes a fine eye and a firm hand to pick the right vegetables. Some of the vegetables they picked were just gross looking so that’s one negative. I digress.

Make a grocery list

Another way to save money is to always go to the grocery store with a list. You can use awesome apps like Yummly. I don’t recall the last time I made a meal without Yummly. They have all kinds of meals. Going to the grocery store without a list is recipe for disaster. You’re inevitably going to buy food you already have, you won’t be able to make sustainable meals, and your grocery bill will be out of control. On the other hand with a list, you can price shop, choose fresh vegetables, and most importantly stick to your budget!


I watched this lady coupon once. She bought like 100 items and spent $2.50 It was ridiculous. There’s no shame in using coupons. Coupons are good if you buy certain things regularly at stores you frequent often.


You guessed right. Build a budget and stick to it. Food is perhaps one of the hardest things to budget for now that I’m home more often and apparently I eat more when I’m home then when I’m in the office. Go figure. In all seriousness audit your finances whether it be by tracking receipts, looking at your credit card bill, but compare your actual spending to your budget amount.

Wrap up

A couple of ways to save money on grocery shopping. Take advantage of Kroger’s free pick up option. Make a list before going to the grocery store. Coupon, coupon, and coupon. Set yourself up for success by knowing exactly how much you plan to spend. This will take a couple of weeks but you got this! We hope you enjoyed how to save money grocery shopping.

Some tips:

  1. Wear a mask

  2. Please wear a mask

  3. Make sure your mask covers your nose and mouth

  4. Cover yourself when you cough and sneeze in public

  5. Wash your hands

  6. Be kind, it costs you nothing

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