Financial Bootcamp Recap

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant

In May The Emerging 100 of Atlanta hosted their quarterly Financial Fitness Bootcamp to talk about pertinent money topics; financial education or lack thereof and exploring solutions to money problems.

Tyrone Ross was the guest speaker. He covered a number of topics but the focus was on the empowerment, education, and exposure.

Exposure- Meeting people where they are. Money educators going to underserved communities and offering advice to a diverse community. Talk to people you’re dating about money. You have to talk about it eventually.

Education Starting programs at schools in need of financial education curriculums on a regular basis. Growing up money was not taught in schools but now we have great content creators and books about financial literacy for kids. Parents should learn about proposed financial literacy curriculums to ensure educators follow through.

Empowerment- Getting a will, a trust, or estate attorney. Leveraging tools like investopedia that are free. Explore your relationship with money, your first memory with money, and look at your spending habits to better understand where your values are. Take time to establish a Roth IRA. Are you participating in an employer 401K program? Put pen to paper. On the left side list your income and on the left side list your expenses.


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