Through coaching, I will guide you through a proven 5-step process to address money and embrace your financial journey

Who Is Coaching For?

Are you tired of starting and stopping your financial journey after pouring over confusing, complicated and sometimes conflicting information in blogs and podcasts? 

This is the ideal coaching program for those who:

  • Want to pay off debt from student loans to medical bills and consumer debt 
  • Can delay gratification – making short-term sacrifices for long term rewards
  • Are developing a growth mindset and believe if they put in the work they can achieve
  • Have lost hope, feel overwhelmed with paying off debt, and are unsure of where to start
  • Are ready to create an actionable plan – supported with systems – for their ideal financial future and seeking accountability and community 
How to Pay Off Debt

There are a lot of things we can DIY (do it yourself), after working with me, conquering personal finances will be one of them!

After years of financial coaching, there are several common challenges I see among clients in the debt pay-off journey. As a financial coach:

If you’ve tried and given up, you may believe that it can’t be done. At 400LB Elephant we believe money is 80% habits and culture, 20% financial knowledge. We’ll work collaboratively on your areas of development and if you don’t see a change or results within 6 months – we promise a 100% refund.

Here's How I Can Help

The Elephant in the Room Coaching Program includes:
An in-depth analysis of your current spending, tools, and systems for money management and techniques for building a healthy relationship with money. Most importantly, I’ll help you develop an actionable debt pay-off plan.

  • 5 weeks of web-based coaching
  • 5 interactive Q&A sessions
  • A private community for accountability (no judgment). Students can ask questions, drop tips, share successes/setbacks, and watch replays of coaching sessions
  • Access to tools, videos, and other resources

Module 1 – Budgeting Basics
Module 2 – Emergency Saving
Module 3 – Paying off Debt
Module 4 – Retirement & Investing
Module 5 – Insurance

Now you’re debt-free
Close your eyes and dream of a time in the not-so-distant future. Your bills are paid without stress, you take vacations and travel freely. Money arguments are a thing of the past and you embrace an abundance mindset. Together, this can be your story!

Together We Can

At the time I sat down with Kofi I was in my second year of law school and scared to reassess my financial status. Going back to school after working and maintaining a well-paying career was not only a culture shock but a financial shock as well. Working with Kofi gave me the confidence to take a hard look at my expenses and spending habits. His transparency and candidness helped me to confront my challenges and he also introduced me to the tools needed to make changes.

- Danielle M.

I'm Ready To Begin, What's Next?

After you submit your application, we’ll have a quick phone conversation so I can learn more about you and your current financial picture. If this program is a good fit, we’ll move on to coaching.