Apps That Can Help You with Your Budget

Kofi Gyebi
Founder 400LB Elephant

We’re going to share some apps that can help you budget. Maybe you’re finally giving in to budgeting and you’re not sure where or how to start budgeting. Budgets aren’t just guides for paying bills. A good budget will  give you a very definitive snapshot of your income, expenses, and most importantly where your money is going. Do you have a budget?

Budgeting Apps

I’m a huge Mint Fan! EveryDollar is another good app that people like. I have to admit they do their fair share of advertising but their app is really good. I use Mint for budgeting and tracking my spending, and they do a good job with notifications when I get close to exceeding my limits.

EveryDollar is another good tool, with Everydollar you do have to input your purchases unless you have Everydollar Plus. My fiance uses EveryDollar and likes the accountability component of it.

Personal Capital is another tool we both use. Before this market crash I used Personal Capital to track my net worth and to budget. If you use any of these services drop us a note and let us know your thoughts. Hopefully you enjoyed this segment of apps that can help you budget.

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