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My name is Kofi. Like most people I was advised to go to college, get a degree, and get a good paying job. There should have been some counseling for how to deal with the student loan companies. Anyhow I’m a proud college graduate who took his talents to Georgia. I love personal finance from helping people with paying off debt to investing, giving back, all the way to retirement. May 1, 2017 I became debt free and I want to share the message, tools, strategy, and create a space that allows people to share openly about their financial journey. It’s my goal to help a generation become debt free. My friend Pat told me “People don’t see us in our valley’s, they see us at our peak and don’t know about the journey it took to get to the top of the mountain.” Let’s walk the path together to financial freedom.

Kofi Gyebi

May 1, 2017 Kofi paid off his debt and became financially free. After graduation he moved to Atlanta, GA to work in security. After his stint in security he began his next chapter in finance, banking, and insurance. His dream is to inspire a generation to become debt free and to start building generational wealth through empowering those who are ready to take the step to rid their personal debt. You can reach out to him for speaking engagements and financial counseling.

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