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Paying off debt can be done

Twas the night of college graduation. Walked across the stage to receive my diploma. Happiest day of my life right? One of them for sure. A few months later I get this bill of how much I owed the brusars office. I worked feverishly to pay it off so I could receive my diploma. Home free! Well not yet….

My student loan servicer Mohela sent me my first bill and the rest is history. I was not as wise and insightful at the tender age of 22 but life taught me the hard way. I want to help you so you don’t have to  learn the hard way. 

Lion & the Gazelle

Every day a lion and gazelle wake up hungry- decide which one you’re going to be. Credit card companies and department stores companies are chasing you daily. You control your relationship with consumer debt.

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